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A Vampire Mountain RP


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In this RP you will either play the role if a vampire, vampaneze, half-vampire, general or one of the “new” vampire princes. You will live on Vampire Mountain.

To join you must give your character’s name, rank, age, looks, personality and bio.
Here’s mine.

Jacob Romanough
13 years old
Wild, brown hair and dark green eyes
Cold, remains to himself most of time, wants nothing to do with anyone else
After being turned into a vampire by his mentor, he learned ‘some’ of the ways of the common vampire. Before he could learn everything and on his firts visit to Vampire Mountain, his mentor was killed by a vampaneze. He now has to roam about lonely, absentmindedly. He believes that anyone who gets too close to him dies, so that’s why he stays away from everyone and is so cold and unnaturally serious.


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Vanya Bin Rompa
He/him or u can call him dad (NOT daddy)

Regular Vampire

looks about late 30’s to mid 40’s

Dark brown hair that goes down to little above shoulder length, parted in the middle. Tall nose, thin gray-ish brown eyes with dark circles under them (despite him sleeping shittons) mornign shadow.

He is sometimes quiet, his sence of humorr is dark he can be a major dick, but most of the time acts liek a dad?

He was turned whe he was about 15 or 16 he was working late one night at some random half-time job bc he needed the money to support his sick mom. edit later


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