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please. a story.


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I don’t like to talk about this. I hate to think about this. Many of you won’t believe it, but this is a heart breaking true story. Yeah, I’m posting this on Tumbler/DS/fanfic but this IS true. I will be posting this in a four part increment, because, it’s too hard to think about all at once. For those of you on Darren Shan. I made a fake account for protection from my parents eyes pm my account you think I’m really on, if you have questions. All other media’s, message me. Ok. Look. I know this won’t have perfect grammar/spelling, and YES this bugs me, but it’s really just to painful to think of for long spurts of time so I won’t be editing. Sorry.

Three years ago a innocent thirteen ghost of myself was obsessed with the occult. I loved learning about demons, ghosts, the practice of Wicca and so on. I studied extensively . I WANTED to be possessed. I was a fool. I didn’t know, however, that my future boyfriend was doing the same. He, however lived in Arizona.
He made a book ok ancient Pagan rituals. He also “made” a demon, Baljo and he was ment to be a good. Helpful demon…...my boyfriend had a bloody noise when writing it. He didn’t think much of it, until everything started to go wrong. Simple stupid things that don’t even need mentioning. He moved and brought the book with him.

Our relationship and how it came to me. It isn’t important all you need to know is when this part of the story, we were not together. Not that way. Our little group of friends were/ are obsessed with five nights at Freddy’s. So much so that we gave names to each other. I was Chica. Anyway, here is a direct text from me and Freddy (my boyfriend, but not at the time)
Freddy: I think I’m going crazy
Me: we’re all mad here ;p
Freddy :no. Seriously.
Me: what do you mean.
Freddy: I woke up and next to me was a creepy drawing. It was Freddy, Chica and Bonnie. With seeping blood from the eyes. In red it was eched ‘YOU CAN’T’ and it wasn’t my handwriting or drawing style.
Freddy: I’m not crazy, I’m not
Me: I wasn’t saying you were
Freddy: I’m not!!!!!
Me: look. Maybe your just a sleep drawing. I mean since you have been thinking about it a lot it’s possible
Freddy: is that possible.
Me: sure. Why not? I mean people sleep: eat, walk, talk, and even DRIVE.
Freddy: can’t talk now. Bye.

To be continued, later. It gets hard after this.