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Hi darren :D I have some questions


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Darren Shan Posted: 12 July 2013


Hi Ben, I’m not planning to write books about any more of the established characters, the way I did about Mr Crepsley. However, there’s a small chance that I might one day write a sequel to the original series, set in the future, in the wasteworld described in The Lake Of Souls. But don’t hold your breath!!!

Ok , so about that. its been half a year! any idea when you’ll start? :D

Also , Will darren and evra / the members of the cirque star in this? I would love nothing more then to have another adventure
with them , because to be honest , since I wrote to you here a few months ago , my passion for reading has downscaled greatly , my reading has been limited
to the wardstone chronicles , which has also ended,
basically it felt like watching 2 good friends die, im sorry to sound selfish and cynical , but I really have little interest in zombie .books .
and I know im just one reader among many , but I love reading your books. and my main question is

Will you write a fictional Horror and adventure book , within the near future , not zombie related?
Thanks for reading