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Dan-Dan (Spoiler)


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Dan-Dan is a Villain that will appear in Zom-B Gladiator he is described by Darren Shan “including a character who is probably my favourite baddie out of all the books I’ve written! He’s a disgusting creep who will make your skin crawl”. A reviewer even said Perhaps Dan-Dan gives her the creeps even more than Mr. Dowling. Personally my favorite Darren Shan’s villain is Steve Leonard but I would love to see what kind of villain Dan-Dan is, who described by Darren Shan as his favorite villain.

What do you think of the character Dan-Dan is gonna be like before the release of Zom-B Gladiator and what do you think of Dan-Dan after the book’s release?


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He does creep me out more than Dowling. It’s the same as the argument of B’s Dad VS Owl-Man. People like B’s Dad and Dan-Dan are real. Owl-Man and Dowling are clearly fiction.


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