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Wow, it’s been a while…!


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I finally managed to track down my old account!! I had another (Duckeh Ver Leth I think? I had a cute and rather ‘poetic’ signature on that account) however I think I lost the password to a defunct email before making this account in ~2013…
Bloody hell, how weird it is. I read the books when I was 12 (a year before I started high school). I’m now about to go into my final year of university! It’s been a blast being able to look back at old posts… I read one where I’d written that my dream vampire appearance would be to have ‘long, white-blonde hair’. Funnily enough all these years later I finally have it, haha!

I’ve had a little look around, it’s quite interesting to see a few members who I remember interacting with also coming back/making new posts. (I still remember so many of you all… Snow, Bayonetta, 1864Vampire, Dante Sparda, Grafin Drachen, Klashta Neali….) I’m tempted to change a few things up/properly revive this account but it’s also quite cool to have it as a time capsule for little teenage me!

Perhaps it’s because it’s the wee hours of the morning as I’m writing this but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m a bit emotional right now!. These forums/Darren’s books were really one of the biggest parts of my pre/teenage years. They were really what sparked my creativity and desire to write! I managed to search up one of my fanfics about Mika, who I had a more-than-slight obsession with… ‘Ver Leth’ used to be my last name on Facebook!  I made up an oc who was his sister, her name was ‘Starling Moon’ or something funny like that… I remember writing the fic down in a notebook somewhere, I wonder if my parents still have it…(Hilariously enough the first guy I ever had a proper crush on shared a lot of similarities with him… Perhaps I’ve really just always had a thing for guys with long black hair?)...

So there we have it! I have no idea if anyone/who will read this, but it’s been lovely to get all my thoughts down. My younger brother has now read the books - he’s 12, funnily enough the same age I was when I first read them. He’s ‘inherited’ my collection while I’ve been at uni, although I really should give them a re-read this summer when I have time.

I think I’ll keep coming back to have a little look at if anything’s happening. It’d be nice to be active around here again :)


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