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Dervish and Cal using their prized chess sets


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Reread Lord Loss recently. I remember Dervish saying for the contest the types of chess sets weren’t important, just that there needed to be five.
Just wondering, giving that Lord Loss likes to destroy he king of the losing player be it himself or his opponent then destroy the board, why Cal used his King Arthur set that was so expensive he wouldn’t even tell his wife how much it cost and Dervish used his LOTR set which was also his favourite set? If five travel chess sets could be used it would be a lot less to be destroyed.
Or was it that it may well be the last game of chess they ever play, might as well play with a good set? Or Maybe in Dervsh’s case with the crystal and Inca chess set it as well as the LOTR it would b easier to keep track of each game because each set is significantly different?