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Yes, Steve is my favourite character. I adore/love him a lot, and his character is, in my opinion, the best in the whole entire series. I have a thing for dark and twisted minds, oops. :/
Anyway, sometimes I think deeply, and see more to things than the books/manga/movie showed. Here are two that would totally change your opinion on Stevie. Please don’t hate and stay stuff like “Steve fans will do anything to portray him as innocent!!1!!!” Because that’s just plain rude and false. I know he is quite far away from the term “innocent”, and remember these are just HEADCANONS.
1)Larten’s wrong result
So Larten can differentiate between good and evil blood. Awesome. When he tastes Steve’s blood, he doesn’t recognize the taste as good, so he immediately freaks out. But what if Steve’s blood wasn’t evil? What if it was neutral?
You heard me right, folks.
What if it meant that he would become good OR bad, depending on what path he was pushed to. But since Larten had only ever tasted good or bad blood types, he didn’t recognize the neutral type.
Then he called Steve evil and pushed him to insanity.
I mean, truth be told, who the heck talks to a kid like that?
2) Tiny’s meddling
Okay, so what if after Darren’s run away, about 3 months later, Steve’s desire to meet Darren increases. But he isn’t angry anymore. He believes the story Darren told him about “saving his life.” SO now he doesn’t hate Darren. He decides to become Lord of the Vampaneze and reunite himself with Darren and make the two clans befriend each other, that way he’d also prove to Larten that he was not evil.
But Tiny doesn’t like that plan. He conjures up fake illusions and stuff and shows them to Steve, where Larten and Darren are mercilessly trash-talking Steve and laughing at him. Steve doesn’t believe Tiny at first, but as Tiny keeps showing him the illusions, he starts doubting Darren and swears on revenge.
That’s the end of it!
Truth be told, I really disliked the way Larten treated Steve at the Cirque. Evil or not, he was still a goddamn kid. Who yells something like that at a child? The brain and thinking of children is critical and complicated, and if Steve was exposed to negativity of that level (imagine your hero telling you you’re evil scum) then I don’t blame him for losing his sanity.He was what, 13, 14 at that time? A very delicate age. Psychology has taught me a lot of things, and one of those is that children take things to heart more often and seriously than adults do.
And was Steve really evil?
I mean evil people don’t mind being called evil, but Steve took it personally.
Fishy, eh?
So instead of hating on this beautiful,melancholy character, why not show him some love instead?


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