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FIGHT!  Beranabus VS Albus Dumbledore


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Now now, lets get our facts right
First off, I’d like to remind everyone that going by facts, Bernabus is FAR older than Albus. While Albus is around 200 years old, Bernabus is what, nearly a 1000?
Secondly, I sincerely doubt that opening windows and portals might be of any use to Berny if Albus isn’t willing to use them. Lets all remember that Bernabus’ powers are greatly reduced when he fights in this world, and, considering Albus has no feats in the demon world, it only seems fair for them to fight in the human world.
Third Bernabus sure is powerful alright? But are we forgetting Dumbledore disapparated inside Hogwarts (Order of the Phoenix, book and movie) when it is said and re said multiple times throughout the series that doing so is supposedly impossible? Also, remember that the protective spells around the castle are extremley powerful, they have been casted by the professors in the school and every single one of those professors is a major witch or wizard of the wizarding world, you don’t get into Hogwarts by being mediocre (unless there’s a professor missing and nobody is applying for a post *cough cough*Lockhart *cough*).
Fourth Vexen I wouldn’t say a dementor is a demon, because that means you’re gonna have to cope with the fact that Bernabus has slayed many demons, extremely powerful ones if I may add, while in HP nobody has ever killed a dementor, so, up to date demon slaying feats in HP are zero. Demons also come from hell and it was never ever stated that dementors come from there, in fact it is hinted, kind of, that they are born on this world when Lupin says they are among the foulest creatures to ‘‘walk’’ on Earth and that once a dementor performs the kiss, whoever is the victim becomes something like it, soulless and evil.

Personally, I think Albus has the edge on this one, he can apparate in seconds, I may be wrong so please correct me if I am, but I don’t remember Bernabus being this quick without preparating a portal.
Also, Bernabus has been able to one shot demons (maybe people?) but nothing along ‘‘This attack will kill anyone and anything without exception’’ lines. In HP instead Avada Kedavra has been shown to kill anything and anyone on its way (except for Harry but that is plot device) and nobody has resisted getting hit directly from it. I’m also pretty sure defensive spells don’t work, I think its mentioned in book 4.
So, if Albus uses that , bye bye Berny. If Berny shoots a haxed bolt we don’t have enough feats to know how powerful a protective spell cast by Albus really is. So for now, I say Dumbledore.


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I agree with you, Dante. Mr. Half Demon Magician is great and all, but Albus can beat him in a fight no problem


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