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Board guidelines


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Some general guidelines to bear in mind when posting, to make this as enjoyable an experience as possible for you and everyone else who shares this board.

* Please— no swearing. Contrary to reports, swearing IS big and clever, but there’s a time and place for everything!!!  :-)

* Please Use English. This is so that the moderators can understand what you’ve written! (This includes signatures.)

* Please post messages in the Correct Forum. Messages should be forum-specific, i.e. please don’t discuss the demon books in the vampire forums. The Questions For Shan forum is for general questions—if you have plot-specific questions, please post them in the corresponding book forum.

* Please stick to topic. If you stray from the topic in a thread, you annoy other users and run the risk of being disciplined by the moderators.

* Please be polite. I know that sometimes discussions get heated. That’s fine. Passionate debate is to be encouraged. But please don’t try to bully or harass other members.

* Please don’t spam. Don’t post adverts for products here. Don’t post a stream of short, pointless messages or replies.

* Please respect the wishes of other users. If two or more users are having a conversation, and politely ask you not to join in if you try to post in the thread, don’t get offended. It’s a public forum, but everyone has the right to their “privacy”.

* Please be kind to the moderators. They’ve earned their status. They’ve been on the Darren Shan messageboards since the dawn of time. They give without expectation of reward. If they issue you with a warning or advice, it’s usually because they’re trying to protect you from the BIG BAD PABLO KENNY!!! If you get on the wrong side of Pablo, he’ll kick you into touch before you can blink!! The moderators know what he’s like and how swiftly he acts. They’re on YOUR side, and care only about sharing their years of experience and wisdom with you. Listen to them and you won’t go far wrong…

* Please BE CAREFUL ON HERE. Pablo and the Mods patrol this board relentlessly. They do what they can to sniff out danger and nip it in the bud. But you should ALWAYS be careful on the web. Don’t share personal details like phone numbers or your address or your regular email address with strangers. Be wary of anyone who starts to get creepy! Don’t be afraid to report someone if they start hassling you or if you feel unsure about them for any reason.

* Please remember that this is a family forum. My fans are drawn from the very young, the very old, and all points inbetween! Some subjects and stories are better suited to more mature boards. Please don’t post anything here that might make your mother blush!!!!