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DEMON (De Montfort University Student Union) - reviewed by Samantha Nicholson


Darren Shan is by nature a children's writer but his newest collection "Tales Of The Demonata," is far from a children's book. Filled with thrills, chills and scares, Darren Shan exceeds expectations with his newest offering "Wolf Island."

The eighth book in The Demonata series is an action packed adventure, taking Grubbs Grady, Dervish and the rest of the Disciples, to new heights and challenges, never before seen in the world of the Demonata.

The Shadow is growing… It is more powerful than ever before and as each page of this novel is turned, the mystery is heightened. Can Grubbs Grady survive the newest challenge, when an old foe rears its head once more? Can the earth really be saved from Demons for good? There are just a few of the questions explored in the pages of "Wolf Island," a book which will leave you hankering for more.



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