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YARA - reviewed by Stephen


If you are in for a scary read then look no further than Slawter. This story, Book 3 in The Demonata series cranks up the scare factor and is truly horror. Returning to Dervish Grady, Grubbs and Bill-E in this installment, the book follows directly on from Book 1, Lord Loss. Dervish has returned from his fight with Lord Loss and his familiars, but is suffering from this encounter, with nightmares and some odd behaviour. Life for Grubbs has been as normal as can be for someone who has lived his life. Then along comes Davida Haym, a cult horror movie producer who is making her latest film, featuring demons, a film to be her crowning glory. Meeting Davida is an opportunity Grubbs does not want to miss and so they meet and Dervish agrees to help with the movie. Things move quickly and soon Dervish, Grady and Bill-E along with a cast and crew of hundreds relocate to an abandoned town, renamed Slawter for the filming. The scene where Emmet is killed by a demon, unsettles Grady and he feels the presence of Lord Loss and other demons; and when Emmet can not be found he fears the worse. Coupled with this is the off limits D workshop heavily guarded by security. Things soon turn for the worse….

This is a fantastically creepy story with all the blood, gore and horror you could want. Rupert Degas is excellent in the role of narrator and his various voices for the characters are exceptional. The sound effects and superb reading make this CD fantastic. I am eagerly waiting for the next two stories Bec and Blood Beast. Thanks Darren Shan!







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