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YARA - reviewed by Nathan (14)


This entire story can be described with one word: gruesome. The book is horror, so it is appropriate, but for me there was too much blood, gore and guts. One of the main characters has raging paranoia, another is a werewolf and the third is in constant fear of attack from the demon Lord Loss.

The main character is Grubbs and he has played chess against Lord Loss. Lord Loss is a Demonata of terrible power who has two club feet, many small cuts all over his body, pale red skin and a hole in his chest in which a large number of snakes reside. These snakes are entirely under his control and he could best be described as a cruel, sadistic maniac, but then again, that is the personality of all demons.

The second main character is Dervish. He battled Lord Loss in the spirit world, and as a result has been in a coma for over a year. He gets a crush in this book, and has a surprisingly long relationship with Davida (a film director) considering the kind of book this is.

The third main character is Bill-E and he is a lycanthrope (lycanthropy is a disease that causes werewolves) and Lord Loss cured him.

This book is perfect for people looking for a shudder but should be avoided by people who don’t like an excess of violence.







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