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VOYA - reviewed by ???

Grubbs Grady returns with a vengeance in the third book of the Demonata series, but this time his role shifts from petrified orphan to supernatural guardian. Uncle Dervish, plagued by Lord Loss's minions, relies on Grubbs for his sanity. And Bill-E Spleen's possible fate as lab rat for the Lambs is altered only when Grubbs convinces Dervish to accept an exciting gig as advisor to horror-film director Davida Haym. The trio take up residence in Slawter --combination movie set and functioning town -- where Haym plans to stage an assault of faux demons more massive than any seen this side of hell. Actors begin to disappear before his eyes, and Grubbs realizes the truth about the "faux" demons. Yet despite his best efforts and strange new magical abilities, Grubbs cannot convince the residents of Slawter that these demons are real and that they plan to annihilate all of humanity. Dim the lights for this bloodcurdling yarn but do not pop the popcorn just yet -- this installment of the Demonata series is sure to make the stomach heave. Shan gives masters like Poe and King a run for their money with unexpected plot twists and vile descriptions that surpass the gross and rival the grisly. Shan also emphasizes a new theme in his subtle fashion -- that first impressions should sometimes be ignored -- along with his tried-and-true favorites of family loyalty and trust. Best of all, Grubbs plays center stage yet again.




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