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TEEN TITLES, #37 - reviewed by various

Grubbs Grady is helping his uncle Dervish recover after his horrific battles in the Oemonata universe. Grubbs would like a demon-free future, but, when they are invited to give advice on the film set of a new horror movie, his hopes are dashed and they are thrown once again into the nightmare world of Lord Loss and his terrifying demons. Can they survive?

The beginning of this book informs the reader of the previous events involving Dervish and Grubbs Grady.This would make it easy for newcomers to'club Demonata'. I really enjoyed reading this, but it took a lot of time to get into the gory stuff, otherwise it was very exciting with a magnificent ending. REBECCA DICKSON Castlebrae Community High

This book really intrigued me. I liked the way that it was set in the movie world. I really enjoyed the bloodbath at the end and the fight scenes and I admired the way Darren Shan brings Lord Loss into the story again, because I think he is a great character.The descriptions in the book are amazing. As always, Darren Shan doesn't disappoint and I am dying to read the next book - I hope he doesn't take too long to write it. JADE SPIERS Castlebrae Community High

This was a good book with lots of suspense and action.The descriptions are great and I liked how it was split into four parts. I think this series is fantastic and is getting better as it goes on. I can't wait for the next book. MOHAMMED HASSAN Castlebrae Community High

This was a brilliant book, better than the first two in the series. I couldn't wait to get the book finished and am now waiting for the next part. Darren Shan is a great writer with a good imagination - he writes great descriptions. I hope he keeps writing tons more. BRAD LETSON Castlebrae Community High






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