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STUMBLEBUM - reviewed by Jennifer Hairfield

Welcome back to Darren Shan's world of demons, werewolves, magic, and chess: Demonata. In this episode Dervish is slowly losing his mind since coming back from battling Lord Loss, demon master. Grubbs has been taking care of his uncle the entire time worried that it will continue to get worse. When Davida Haym, schlock-horror director extraordinaire, asks for Dervish's help on her new demon movie it appears to be the gift horse that Dervish has been waiting for to take his mind off things.

With Grubs and Bill-E in tow, Dervish agrees to help with the movie, hoping it will clear his head. And get him back to normal. But, this is not what happens. With all Darren Shan's books just when everything looks normal is when things hit the fan. In this book, Slawter, also the name of the movie town, we find out that Davida has made a Faustian deal with Lord Loss. But Davida doesn't read the fine print of their contract and everything starts to go down the drain. But do Dervish and Grubs save the day? Do the demons kill everyone or no one? Who will win: good or evil?

In the same styling as the other two Demonata books, Slawter is just as good if not better. This story picks up where book one, Lord Loss left off but it also has cameos of a few characters from book two. There are some great scenes in this novel but one of my favorites would have to be towards the end when the Grady's are under a magical sleep spell where they go against the Lamb organization to save Bill-E from being a guinea pig. There are tons of pop culture references in the dream sequence. There are great fight scenes as well. The best fight scene in the book is during the last fight scene, Grubs taps into his magical side and does things that not even Dervish can do. Sometimes giving yourself over to magic fully to let it use you is a good thing, sometimes not. Does Grubs like what he's becoming? Or would he have rather not have known about the world of Demonata at all. The descriptions of the demons gets interesting the more we see of them. I would have to say this is the best book so far in the Demonata series. Don't wait to pick it up; the next one will be out soon.





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