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MY SHELF - reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe

Nobody does mayhem quite like Darren Shan in his latest masterpiece of gruesome demons and terror. This is the third book in the Demonata series and picks up where The Demon Thief left us. Dervish is almost back to normal and he and Grubbs and Bill-E are trying to live a normal life without demons. Now the Lambs want to take Bill-E to their lab and observe and test him to see if he is really cured of lycanthropy. Dervish and Grubbs are certainly not going to allow that. Then Dervish is approached by acclaimed horror movie producer, David A. Haym or "Davida,". Davida, who wants Dervish to be a consultant on her new film, has resurrected a ghost town and re-named it Slawter. Her masterpiece will have a demon theme, and Dervish is considered a demon expert.

Strange incidents disrupt the set, and the demons seem all too real to Grubbs as he begins to wonder whether more than filming is afoot. He can't seem to convince Uncle Dervish that real demons are on the set, and are not just ingenious costumes. People begin to disappear. Is Lord Loss back in business?

Darren Shan broke new ground with his bestselling Cirque Du Freak series, and now his Demonata series promises to be as great a hit with the kids. Shan is a master at characterization and plotting, and the fear factor raises your goose-bumps to a new height.  I would not recommend this series for children 10 and under, but for older kids who love scary stories with lots of gruesome gore, this book fits that category.

The end pages of Slawter give a teaser for number four in the series.  Bec will be published in May 2007. I hate to wait that long!





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