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THE INDEPENDENT - reviewed by Felix Taylor

Darren Shan is excellent as usual with his latest, Slawter (Harper Collins 12.99). A famous film director tries to make a film about demons. No one knows about it. It's secret. The town in the film is called Slawter and they're filming it on a special location in the middle of nowhere. Dervish, Grubbs and Bill-E are summoned to help with the visual effects of the film. There's only one tiny problem. The demons in the film are real! Other children working on the film start dying mysteriously and no one knows who is on whose side. When they discover the truth, Dervish, Grubbs and Bill-E do everything in their power to stop them. This is the third book of The Demonata - a series of books about demons written by Darren Shan. I think that this is an amazing book, but not quite as good as the first in The Demonata, Lord Loss. It is full of twists and turns that you wouldn't expect and just right for people who love horror.






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