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CYCLUB BOOK CLUB - reviewed by ???

Tagline - there are no happy endings... well, what do you expect, it's a Darren Shan book. He cleverly uses a film studio to lure us into his next meeting with demons, just in case you were thinking that all the tales will be a bit samey, staving off demons in this world or fighting them in theirs... Dervish is called upon by a cult horror movie director to help in her next film all about demons and Grubbs and Bill-E go along for the ride - partly so Grubbs can keep an eye on his uncle who's been having disturbing nightmares. Either the special affects and the children's acting are amazing or the gruesome things happening on set are for real... bet you can guess which it is. Suffice to say, Grubbs ends up facing Lord Loss, a demon dog called Malice and more.

Good for: Anyone who enjoys being scared and wants a gripping read this summer.





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