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CROWGRRRL'S PERCH - reviewed by Athena Schaffer

The third installment of Darren Shan’s excellent The Demonata series, Slawter, is finally out in the U.S.! The Crowgrrl greedily devoured every delicious word!

Again, we revisit the lives of Grubbs Grady, whose first encounter with the demonic Lord Loss started the series. Grubbs’ Uncle Dervish, a renown occultist, is approached by a horror movie producer who wants to make a film about demons as realistic as possible.

Dervish agrees to act as consultant for the film, and takes Grubbs and his brother Bill E. in tow to the set with him. The set is a town bought by the film company, and is called Slawter, the same title as the book (and movie being made in the storyline). No one involved is allowed to leave, once there. There is a much darker secret there, however. The demons conjured on screen are a little too real. Could it be possible that real demons are indeed being summoned???????? Either by accident or even more disturbing - on purpose?

This nail-biter is a real page-turner. But just remember - there’s no such thing as a true happy ending. Be afraid. Be very afraid!





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