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COUNTY TIMES - reviewed by Barry Jones

With a grisly glow in the dark cover, Darren Shan's third book in his Demonata series Slawter is now available in paperback, following on from Lord Loss and Demon Thief. Given Dervish Grady"s occult experiences, he seems a natural to be called on by a cult horror director seeking a consultant for a new movie called Slawter about a town of that name plagued by demons.

Dervish reveals he is one of the Disciples who protect our universe from demons crossing over, and there's work to be done when the movie starts conjuring up some real nasties. Prolific author Darren Shan includes himself as a central character in some of his other books and even though Slawter is part of a set, it also stands alone as an enjovable read for all ages.



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