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YOUNG POST - reviewed by John Millen

First of all, a warning. Lord Loss is a book intended to give you sleepless nights and bad dreams. If this is okay with you, then you will love it. This is the latest horrorfest to be unleashed by Darren Shan, the modern master of teen horror fiction. Fans of Shan's previous chillers will lap up every detail of this new tale, and they will not be disappointed. New readers might have a few difficulties getting into the swing of things.

Teenager Grubbs Grady's life suddenly descends into hell from nowhere. His parents and sister are murdered by a trio of uneathly demons and Grubbs is dragged off to live with a weird relative, Uncle Dervish. Our hero thinks he has escaped from his recent horrors, but, of course, he hasn't. Uncle Dervish is not what he seems and poor old Grubbs is soon knee-deep in a world of demons, blood and monsters. This is not a book for young readers or anyone with a weak stomach.





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