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WALTHAM FOREST GUARDIAN - reviewed by Mark Collins

Master of horror Darren Shan has returned with a brand new saga, featuring all new characters, an all new story and of course new terror. Lord Loss isthe first book of The Demonata which will be a ten book series aimed at taking readers to new worlds populated or threatened by demons. The hero of Lord Loss is a boy by the name of Grubbs Grady who couldn't be more ordinary if he tried, and can't see anything extraordinary in his future. Naturally that is all about to change as Grubbs investigates the strange behaviour of his family and makes a startling discovery: Demons are real. Following this traumatic discovery Grubbs tries to pick up the pieces by moving to the countryside. The secrets chase him and he is about to find out something that is a lot stranger than anything he could have ever imagined. Some horrors you can never escape, no matter how far you run. So can Shan ever match the success of the internationally best-selling saga? Well if this first volume is any example of what is to come then yes he can. A fine start to the new series which will not disappoint veteran Shanians.





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