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TEEN INK - reviewed by Austin F.


A story packed with Demons and magic. An epic story, full of action and horror. Darren Shan’s first book in the Demonata series. Darren Shan’s first series is a New York’s bestseller. His first series (The Cirque de Freak series) has sold over 1.5million copies and this on will do just as well. There is no better way to start this series out then with the bone-thrilling book: Lord Loss.

Lord Loss starts with an average family, the Gradeys. Grubbs, his sister Gret, and their parents have an average life style. Dad works, mom stays home, kids go to school, very average. That is until, Grubbs notices a change in the mood that his parents have. He knew instantly, there is something wrong. His family is going to a play; Grubbs is going to his aunts. He has an un-easy feeling, and sneaks out. Once home, he notices the car is still there. He steps in through the back door, but only to find an icy chill, and shattered chess boards in every room of the house. Staggering up to his parent’s room, he finds the door to be fiery hot. Nonetheless, he opens the door, and steps into a nightmare that will become his life.

Darren Shan does an excellent job of portraying the characters he set into this book. He places his characters in challenging situations where they are faced with impeccable doom. These characters that Darren Shan put into Lord Loss show all of these characteristics in a story that will make even Steven King a bit startled.
As new characters come and go through out the book, Darren does a fantastic job of describing each one. He adds vivid details that paint a portrait in my mind. He makes it possible for me to visualize and understand what each character does, makes me crave for more stories by this beloved author.

If you have ever read any of the Cirque de Freak books by Darren Shan, you will most likely find yourself searching for Lord Loss. One of the many attributes that this series of books gives is an un-happy ending. You can almost expect that there will be no happily ever after. If this a style of book that you crave, as do many other readers across he world, you would defiantly love toe read the Demonata series with an epic starting book, Lord Loss.





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