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OF STRANGE WRITTEN SOUNDS - reviewed by ????

This is a much stranger, but I believe better written series by Mr. Shan. It deals with a grouping of demons, called the Demonata, and the second book just came out earlier this year. It focuses on a boy, Grubbs Grady, whose age isn't actually told in the book, but who is a teen. One night in the beginning of the book, he just finds his Mother, Father, and Sister in a room filled with blood and webs and demons, ripped to shreds and pretty brutally murdered. Thus begins the quest to find out why, and a story that is a bit basic at first, but I think Mr. Shan ends up making it a worthwhile read midway.

It's got gore, but isn't scary, and it has an interesting story. In the end there is a chapter from the next book, and it is different and about another kid, which is a cool storyline.

Lord Loss is a demon who feeds off of suffering and pain and sorrow, and who loves to play chess--of all things!!

If you are into this type of genre, this is a good read.







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