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MESA LIBRARY - reviewed by Nykki Ryan


Lord Loss is the grisly tale of demons, werewolves, and the value of family. When Grubb’s family is murdered by the demon master, Lord Loss, and his gruesome familiars, Grubb’s life—and his sanity—are torn to shreds. He is rescued by his wily, demi-mage Uncle Dervish and brought to live in his safe—if somewhat creepy—house. He makes a friend in an eccentric youth named Bill-E, and the two of them begin a quest to find a werewolf, soon winding up in more danger than they ever imagined. Lord Loss is a great read, if you can stomach the first few chapters. The murder scene of Grubb’s family is intense and I almost stopped reading, but after that it was great. Dervish is a wonderful character—a warped sense of humor, yes, but he’s one of those people you can’t help but like. The ending was absolutely marvelous. It seriously left me with an elated, content feeling. It doesn’t leave you begging for the sequel, but you can close the cover feeling happy and complete






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