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CHILDREN'S LITERATURE - reviewed by Joella Peterson

Grubitsch "Grubbs" Grady's life changes in one moment. Grubbs starts out as a normal kid who gets punished for a playing a cruel joke on his sister—he put dead rat guts on her bath-towel. Then, abnormally, the Grady parents and sister forgive Grubbs and send him to stay the night with an aunt. In an act of determined curiosity, Grubbs heads off to spy on his family, only to find demons murdering all three of them. Each gory description tempts readers to prove that this deliciously gruesome tale is for the stout of heart—or those reluctant teens that think they are. With a tale filled with everything from murder to werewolves, readers will race through each page to find a conclusion, if not to satisfy their own curiosity. Unfortunately, the text screams horror and suspense while the author hurries through the climax, resulting in a serious lack of consistency in the grotesque elements and action. However, Shan's book will intrigue horror fans while attracting those looking for a good scare.





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