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CAROUSEL - reviewed by Pat Tate

It's an ordinary school day for Grubbs Grady. Grubbs! Short for Grubitsch! Perhaps this isn't going to be an ordinary everyday story! His mother appears unexpectedly at school, which, according to him, means a death in the family or trouble. For Grubbs it's trouble ... he's been smoking again. And who told his mother? His sister Gretelda! So Grubbs plans revenge involving a shower and some dead rats! This is not a story for the squeamish as the tale changes when Grubbs is sent to stay with his Aunt and he makes the acquaintance of Lord Loss and his helpers -- Vein and Artery. Darren Shan has moved on from his Vampire tales to lycanthropy (werewolves) and there are horrible creatures but no gratuitous violence here. All the characters, human and otherwise, are well drawn and the book is a page turner for both his many fans and new readers who enjoy being scared when reading.





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