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WRITE AWAY - reviewed by Kelley Townley


Synopsis: The sixth book in the DEMONATA series. Grubbs has to overcome all his fears to save the world from – yes, you guessed it - a demon apocalypse. This is where all the pieces from the last five books start to come together.

Please note this review contains spoilers.

Review: Book 5 ends on a cliff-hanger, so Demon Apocalypse gets right into the action. Grubbs is saved by the aged magician Beranabus and requested to join the fight to kill demons for the rest of his life – Grubbs is less than enthusiastic. But while they argue a demon tunnel is opened and the world falls foul of unstoppable evil. The End. Because there's nothing they can do to stop it. With the choice of sitting back and waiting to die, or going out fighting, they head to the tunnel to die a hero's death... but just when all is lost Bec (the girl trapped in the cave from book 4) joins magical forces with Grubbs and Kernel (the demon thief from book 2) to form the super anti-demon weapon Beranabus has been searching for (see book 2). The gigantic magical force literally turns back time to before the tunnel was opened. This gives the trio a much healthier chance of thwarting the Demonata's plan – but not everyone is going to make it through to the end.

Personally, I was a bit worried with the beginning of Demon Apocalypse as it started off a bit weak and clichéd (was it written in a hurry I wonder?) but by the end I was totally hooked again – and thoroughly satisfied. It's great to finally be able to piece together the different stories within this series – although I recommend rereading the past books beforehand to get the full benefit as it does get a bit complicated. As mentioned, the writing was weaker than in any other book and it was the first time I felt some of the dialogue was forced or out-of-character. The whole time-travel thing had me seriously worried (way too easy and clichéd) but as the explanation came about the super anti-demon weapon, the Kah-Gash, the worry began to change to intrigue.

Although the ending is very good with lots of action, tension and gut-wrenching emotion, the books are starting to fall into the realm of 'we're totally doomed, we're miraculously saved, oh no, doomed again, then saved, then doomed etc. I hope Darren Shan can still pull out an explosive ending to this series (which is set to run into 10 books I believe).

Horror-wise, this book undoubtedly gets the highest body count and the gore is well and truly back. Emotionally we lose Dervish and Bill-E (twice). Dervish murders his former lover, to which Lord Loss displays emotion! Kernel loses his eyes to a demon and Artery is slain! So not one for sensitive readers then. This continues to be a very good series for 12yr+ readers who like their steaks rare and their books bloody.





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