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TEENREADS.COM - reviewed by Sally Tibbetts


A demon shaped like a giant scorpion digs its stinger into a woman's eyes. As they pop, it spits eggs into the bloody sockets, then watches with its almost human face as the eggs hatch and wriggling maggots feast on her flesh.

This is just the beginning of the sixth installment in Darren Shan's popular series, The Demonata. Can things get any more gruesome or horrifying for Grubs Grady? The answer, as readers will immediately see, is a definite yes! Grubs has not yet seen the worst of the evil Lord Loss and his league of vicious demons. Though Grubs knows he must try to rid the world of these creatures before they gain total control, he is also trying to resolve his own conflict --- that he, Grubs Grady, is a werewolf and a murderer.

DEMON APOCALYPSE reintroduces the mystical wizard Beranabus, who not only saves Grubs's life but also puts him in the path of even more dangerous happenings. Lord Loss and his demon slaves, Spine and Artery --- plus Kernel, Bill-E and Juni --- are once again part of the cast. Most importantly, Bec is back --- but not in any way you would expect! This young woman, who met a tragic end in the fourth book, has grown more powerful through the years. Trapped by a curse from Lord Loss, she is now a threatening force against the demons. Bec and Beranabus have their own special history that is revisited through a strange twist of calamitous events. Together they bring much power --- but is all this power in vain?

Leading up to book six, the events that took place in the tunnel of Dervish's property, including the death of Loch Gossel, are all related to what is happening in DEMON APOCALYPSE. The perfect setting has been created for the floodgates to open and the Demonata to, at last, have full reign in the world of man. This is Grubs's worst nightmare --- made even more terrible when he discovers that they indeed are all too late.

Full of surprising encounters and revelations, DEMON APOCALYPSE is going to keep fans totally engrossed and gasping. Be sure to read the books in order to fully understand all the characters and their various roles in the fight against Lord Loss. Darren Shan's series is definitely proving to be a winner!


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