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REVIEW COMPLEX - reviewed by Cameron


Demon Apocalypse by Darren Shan is the sixth book in his Demonata series.

Although advertised as a horror book, I find that it is more a fantasy fiction epic with a slight horror style. It follows the adventure of Grubitsch or “Grubs”, a teenager who has an inate magical ability as he finds out about his powers and avoids the evil “Lord Loss”.

As Grubitsch learns more about his powers, he is thrust into a life of fighting demons who are trying to invade our world, but soon realises a sinister attempt to lead a conquest on the planet of earth.

This story is graphically descriptive, which does add to the horrific nature of the demons or “Demonata”, but may be a little hard for readers new to the series. That said though, those readers can enjoy the story as is, without a deeper understanding of the characters and setting.



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