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HORRORSCOPE - reviewed by Brenton Tomlinson


“A demon shaped like a giant scorpion digs its stinger into a woman’s eyes.” - is the first line of a frantic opening in Darren Shan’s Demon Apocalypse, the 6th book in Demonata, a YA horror series.

Demon Apocalypse is told from Grubbs Grady’s point of view and reintroduces his friends Beranabus, Dervish, Bill-E and Juni. On the side of evil are Lord Loss and his minions of evil: Spine, Artery, and the acid spitting bunny Femur.

It’s an easy read and filled with all the cool and disgusting demons that would give unwary youngsters nightmares. It has plenty of back-story for those new to the tale, but reading the previous books is recommended because important details leading to this book are glossed over.

Downfalls include some strange logic like Grubbs being taught to fly, but then told he would have to walk through a desert to leave the place to which he just flew. What?

Shan also paints himself into a corner in the plot and uses time travel to fix it – so nothing I just read actually happened – I hate that.

Still, fans of the series will enjoy this addition but hardened horror lovers probably not so much. Would make a good stocking filler for young teens horror fans.



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