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WRITE AWAY- reviewed by Kelley Townley

Synopsis: The fifth book in the Demonata series. A welcome return to the continuing story of Grubbs Grady, Dervish and Billy-E. Grubbs has so far seemed to avoid the family’s werewolf curse but when he begins to experience alarming symptoms at the onset of the full moon things start to look bleak. Not only that but the death of someone close and the discovery of a magical cave pray heavily on Grubb’s mind - surely though the arrival of an old friend will help - won’t it?

Review: Darren Shan writes top class horror and this is no exception. Amazingly, although there is much less actual gore in this volume the tension and suspense are masterful and make it equally, if not more, scary than any of the other books! Grubbs deals with the very ‘normal’ death of a friend and the mystical horrors of changing into something horrid during puberty. It’s really a story about a boy struggling to cope through his teenage years, hiding from his fears yet knowing he should face up to his responsibilities. It’s a very human story in a very demonic world.

An excellent series, especially for reluctant boy readers. Recommended for 12yrs+. Nowhere near as gory as some of the other books but still part of the same series so readers will have to be made of stern stuff.




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