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TEENS READ TOO - reviewed by Randstostipher Nguyen


After four thrilling novels featuring Grubbs Grady and his adventures with his crazy but caring uncle, his half-
brother, Bill-E, and all the demons and monsters he's had to face (especially the one who took his parents away
from him), Grubbs is back.

And this time he discovers that the only monster he has to face is himself.

Grubbs begins to have nightmares, ones with him covered in blood and being attacked by his late sister. But
whenever he wakes up, he shrugs them aside, not thinking twice about them, most likely because he just doesn’t
want to know what they mean.

Aside from his sudden attraction to the moon and the need to howl, Grubbs has other problems on his mind. Like
the differences between his new best friend, Loch, and his old good friend, now turned brother, Bill-E. Once Loch
entered the picture, Grubbs just doesn’t seem to have time for his first true friend and it's killing him inside,
ironically. And the horrifying issues that attending school brings just don’t make it any better.

Grubbs needs to get his priorities straight, especially the one dealing with him turning into a vicious monster, before
it takes over and makes everything much worse.

With this fifth installment of THE DEMONATA series, fans will not be disappointed in this very thrilling, freaky,
and funny novel about everyone’s favorite character, Grubbs. With an ending that will drive you crazy, we can all say that Darren Shan has done it again!


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