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JUST FOR KIDS - reviewed by Cindy

What this book is about:

A rather slow but exciting book, i must say! This time Darren decided to carry on with Grubbs story. in this book Grubbs deals with bad dreams and has to cope with going back to school and his new friends. Grubbs is scared that he might be turning into a werewolf. He is literally frightened. and if you read the book you will know why. Oh no- this is no ordinary werewolf tragedy this is real and freaky. then comes Dervish's (grubb's uncle) girl. dervish and the albino get more friendly and fall in love with each other. anyway grubbs is quite happy to have her moving in because she can help with his fear of turning into a werewolf. But The albino is not what she seems. her true colours are shown at the surprising end. She really isn't what she seems to act like.

What I think about this book:

Everybody will luv this book. Just read it and you'll want to know what will happen next. i sure hope it won't be a downcast! I absolutely luved this book, just as the same with all the other Darren shan books! I'd rate it 4**** out of 5*****


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