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EVENING ECHO - reviewed by Pet O'Connell


“It's the family curse. Lots of us turn into werewolves. It's been in the bloodline for more generations than anyone can remember. It strikes in adolescence. Loads of us hit 12, 13 ...maybe even 17 or 18 ... and change.

“Our bodies alter. We lose our minds. Become savage beasts who live to kill.”

It puts worrying about your pimples and hormonal changes into perspective.

The prospect of turning into a werewolf is not much to look forward to in your teens, but then if your parents and sister have already been literally torn apart by evil demons and you've had to battle the biggest baddie, Lord Loss, yourself, then your childhood has probably not been the happest to look back on either.

Grubbs Grady, though, has remained surprisingly sane for someone battling with human teenage angst, his developing magical powers and a recently ac­quired habit of howling at the moon.

Is he indeed turning into a werewolf; will his uncle be forced to kill him? And more importantly for the survival of the rest of hu­manity, exactly what is lurking at the bottom of a very large hole Grubbs has uncovered in a nearby forest?

… We would expect no less than the obligatory bloodbath from Limerick's horror king. [This book] gives added depth to Shan's usual flesh-ripping yarns. One of his best yet.




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