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CIAO - reviewed by Vampiresthirst

Blood beast, the fifth instalment in the series of ten books that are the demonata series. This book was only recently released and I finished reading it last night and you know what, for the first time ever reading a Shan book I have to say I'm a little disappointed. Although it was an ok read I've never found myself bored reading Shan's work before the only real part I like about it is the cliff-hanger ending but I don’t know, not to criticise, I'm sure I couldn’t write anything close but it seems like he was just trying to fill the pages in this book so he could live up to the whole ten book series thing, if you get me. Anyway having said that it wasn’t all bad...In fact I enjoyed it more then I am letting on it's just I expect so much from Shan's work that I guess I'm a bit critical even with smaller letdowns.

Anyway this new chronicle in the demonata series takes us back to the eventful life of Grubbs Grady, his uncle Dervish and his brother Bill-E Spleen, who has no idea Grubbs, is his brother. Months have passed since Slawter and in that time Grubbs life has become somewhat normal, though he has shunned his brother in the process for the interest of being popular. Home life is much the same as it was when Grubbs first came to live with dervish, although there is one monumental difference...

...Nightmares! Terrible nightmares haunt Grubbs mind, he is never at peace when asleep, always dreaming terrible things, horrible things...Out in the forest, claws fangs and all...could Grubbs have fallen prey to the family curse that claimed his brother and sister, and consequently both of his parents...One night Grubbs feels the change within him, and a whole new nightmare is about to begin...Will Grubbs tell his uncle and risk being silenced by the lambs? Will Grubbs incredible magical powers that he so well hid from his uncle save him from the beast in him taking over?? Or will Grubbs succumb and become a mindless wolf stalking the night??? One things for sure although I am slightly critical of it I think you're all in for one hell of a read.

Hope you enjoy this review, try not to take the criticism too seriously. I'm just a big lover of Shan books and of both series. I feel this is the weakest so far, although its definitely far from a bad read, that’s why I've given it a 4 star rating.




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