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CAROUSEL - reviewed by Pat Tate


Having moved on from vampires to werewolves this section of the Demonata series is the best so far and the most seriously scary. The family of Grubbs Grady are cursed; some change into ferocious werewolves in their teens. There is no cure and death is the only escape. Grubbs has shown no symptoms until now.

'Breath coming quickly, raggedly. Trembling wildly... am I turning into a werewolf?'

But Grubbs has special powers. Can he fight the curse and avoid a terrible ending? The success of this series is the excellent characterisations. Each person is utterly believable and the reader cares about what happens to them. As their lives spiral towards disaster the pages are turned more and more quickly to find out their fate. The stories are not for the faint-hearted and the ending of this book is, for me, absolutely terrifying. But that is the genre, and the frissom of fear is anticipated and relished.


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