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YARA - reviewed by Trent


This fourth story in The Demonata series takes horror to an all new level. The book begins and ends with the ominous words Screams in the dark and between these words there are certainly many screams and untold terrors. This is the story of Bec, an apprentice priestess, who lives in a land which is about to face further untold terror. Bec and her fellow clan live on constant guard against the Fomorii (brutish half human/half demons) who attack under the cover of darkness. Into their tribe comes a strange boy whom they name ‘Run Fast’. Following Run Fast they come across Drust, a druid who is on a quest to close the gap between their world and that of the Demonata and thus save their world. So Bec and a few warriors from her tribe travel with Drust on this perilous journey. And it comes as no surprise that one of the creatures they meet is none other than Lord Loss….

This story is indeed very creepy and is a true horror story. It is not for those easily scared. It is as the blurb says “seriously scary” so if you don’t like horror you should seek something else. For mature readers who like horror. I can’t wait for Book 5: Blood Beast.






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