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(1) To send me an E-MAIL, please email me at this address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

If for some reason you cannot see the above email address, or if you are having problems with it, copy and paste in post @ darrenshan . com making sure to delete the spaces to the left and right of the @ and . signs.

I read every e-mail which is sent to me, and try to reply to all of them, but I can't guarantee an answer. My replies are usually pretty short, so if you're looking for info about me, e.g. for a school report, you might want to take a look in the About Darren section, since that's where many of the most-asked questions are answered. If you're a wannabe author looking for help, check out the Writing Tips part of my site, where I talk in-depth about my writing process.

(2) If you want to send me a LETTER or write to me for an AUTOGRAPH the address is:

Darren Shan,
County Limerick,

I always reply with a handwritten, autographed letter, but it can sometimes take a couple of months or more for me to respond, so please be patient. And don't forget to include your address, and make it as clear as you can -- I can't write back to you if I can't read your address!

SIGNED BOOKS -- please do not send books to me through the post to be signed. I do not have a system in place for processing books, and cannot guarantee that I will be able to return any books sent to me.

TEACHERS -- I get lots of letters from students who have read my books in class, and who have been encouraged by their teachers to write to me. While I love reading these letters, I do not have enough time to reply to them all. If you are a teacher, and several (or dozens!) of your students are writing to me, PLEASE send the letters together, in one envelope, and I will send a single letter to the group in response.


If you live in the UK or Ireland, and are interested in arranging a Darren Shan event, drop me a line using the email address listed above. I am not doing events at the moment, but I can keep your details on file and forward them to my publishers the next time I go out on tour.

If you live in another area of the world and want to know if I will be visiting your country, please keep an eye on the Shanville Monthly. I travel to lots of different countries on tour, and always provide lots of advance warning, with advice of how to "pitch" for me.

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