How to play with your Darren Shan cards

Aim of the game: to win all of the cards and collect all of the heroes and demons!

Number of players: as many who are brave enough!

How to play:  Shuffle all of the cards and deal them out face down. Players should hold their stack of cards face up so that they can only see their top card.

The player on the dealer's left reads out their best stat on their top card, for instance, "Fear Factor 9!" All of the other plays then read out the score in the same category. The one with the highest value wins and takes all of those cards, placing them (including their own!) on the bottom of their stack of cards.

The winner of that round then starts again on the next card and the game goes on like this until someone has collected all of the heroes and demons!

But what if there's a draw? If 2 or more cards share the top score than all of the cards are placed in the middle and the same player needs to start again from the next card in their stack. The winner of that round takes the cards in the middle as well!

* * *

The Characters

Here is a full list of all 24 characters featured on the "Demonata" trading cards.

Lord Loss: Lord Loss, Dervish, Artery, Bill-E Spleen, Grubbs Grady, Meera Flame.

Demon Thief: Kernel Fleck, Nadia Moore, Shark, Beranabus, Cadaver, The Kallin.

Slawter: Juni Swan, Chuda Sool, Davida Haym, Bo Kooniart, Sharmila Mukherji, Prae Athim.

Bec: Bec, Connla, Drust, Goll, Vein, Bran.


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