Plot Outline:

The Midsummer Players stage an outdoor version of A Midsummer Night's Dream every year. The actors are dreadful and audience members almost never attend more than once. Except for...

...the fey folk!

All of the fairies named in the play are obliged to attend every performance, due to a deal that they struck with a mischievous Master Shakespeare. In an attempt to break up the Players on the eve of their twentieth anniversary, Oberon and Puck hire a human agent of chaos to infiltrate the actors' ranks and set them against one another by focusing on secret attractions and grudges that have been lying dormant up to now. Sparks will fly, and everyone will come to blows, but it's all executed with a wink and a grin, and there will be more smiles than tears by the end. At least, that’s the plan...

This comedic fantasy is for lovers of Shakespeare, chaos and fairies everywhere.

Author Notes:

"It is comedic, a little hectic, and the strength of its rich cast keeps things moving at a delightfully entertaining pace... this unique tale is that rare reimagination of elements of a classic story that captures all the comedy, drama, and emotional satisfaction of its original and in some ways exceeds them." US Review of Books -- Recommended read.

"Darren Dash has masterfully combined Shakespeare's style and greatness with his own amazing poetic agility to create an absolutely delightful tale that will make you laugh until you cry. I was skeptical of a 'retread' of Shakespeare, but this is very cleverly done and quite entertaining. Bravo!" Readers' Favorite -- 5 star review.

"Midsummer's Bottom delights with Shakespearian couplets and a cacophony of human foibles that smash up to a satisfying ending. Dash has created a stellar cast of full, engaging characters. Tightly-written and imaginative, Midsummer's Bottom glides the reader through a wonderful story towards a rewarding, and unexpected, end." Self-Publishing Review.

"Shakespeare fans in particular will find the atmosphere and humor exquisite. While they stay true to some of the Bard's ironic contentions and satirical approaches, they also add embellishments unique to Darren Dash's style and contemporary approach to Midsummer's spectacles." Midwest Book Review.

"Dash's signature wit and humor shine on every page... magical escapism at its best... Midsummer's Bottom is a laugh out loud comedy, a rollicking romp that will leave you with a warm, satisfied feeling long after you finish." Rachel Hobbs, author -- 5 star review.

"I loved the diversity. Bisexual, gay, questioning, straight, cross-dressing: there was a little of everything in this small cast, and the representation without shame, without it feeling forced, was wonderful. Midsummer's Bottom is engaging, humorous, and intricately woven." Kelly Smith Reviews -- 5 star review.

"Whimsical, touching, witty... Midsummer's Bottom warmed my heart and confirmed one thought in my mind, that was a distant whisper until now -- Darren Dash can do anything." The Literary Connoisseur.

"Midsummer's Bottom is funny, fantastical, and tremendously thoughtful... thrilling, suspenseful, and surprisingly risque." Book Blog Bonanza.

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