• My final vampire tour

    20 May 2012

    It's a bit late for a round-up of my Brothers To The Death tour, I know, given that it ended more than a week ago, but better late than never! Since this was my final tour (for the time being) for HarperCollins, and the last time (again, for the time being) that I would be touring with my vampire books, I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would be able to end on a high -- and happily that's how I did! It was a smooth, enjoyable tour. I did more fan events this time than I have done on recent tours, and it was a lot of fun to read out some of my favourite extracts to hardcore Shansters, from old, current and future books. Many thanks to everyone who turned up to them, along with all those of you who came along to my signings too.


    There was an average crowd of about 100 people at most of the events, although we got about double that in Kettering, where the event was held in a cool church that had enough space to hold a couple of hundred fans. Some of the many school events I did during the tour had far bigger crowds than that -- the nice thing about school events is that you have a captive audience!! The average signing time at stores where I just signed instead of doing an event was over 2 hours, although I was signing for 3 hours on the very final day of the tour in Liverpool -- a nice way to finish up!


    Touring is still the most enjoyable part of the job for me. The actual travelling around from A to B is a pain (if only we had transporters like in Star Trek!!) but meeting the fans make all the hours on the road more than worthwhile. It's such a treat to be able to chat for a little while with you guys, and to see the impact that my books are having. I get a certain sense of that at home, from all the letters and e-mails that i receive, but that's not the same as meeting people in the flesh and seeing by the expressions on their faces that my stories have touched them maybe even more than they have touched me. It's elating and humbling all at the same time.


    I'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who made this tour happen, all the teachers, librarians, booksellers and others who worked hard behind the scenes to set up the events and signings. And a MASSIVE thank you to the team at HarperCollins who made this tour just as much of a triumph as all of the others they have set up for me over the years -- take one final bow, please, Geraldine, Mary, Sam and Rosi!!! And finally, of course, as I've already said, MONUMENTAL thanks to everyone who came along and waited patiently -- without you guys, none of it would matter a damn! I know we live in a world full of tempting distractions, so I really do appreciate it when you choose to spend an hour or two in my company when you could be off doing something else. You have made, and continue to make, my days on the road a thrilling adventure rather than a cumbersome bore!!! Three cheers for the Shansters -- hip! hip! hooray!!!!!

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    No Avatar matt
    20, May, 2012
    When was the last time you were in New York? Do you have any plans on coming over? I'd love to shake the had of the man who has inspired me to read book after book. I'm on Lord of the Shadows right now...one more Cirque book to go...then onto the Crepsley seies!
    No Avatar Kerri-Ann Leavitt
    21, May, 2012
    Thank you for being an author Darren Shan! Your books have made a HUGE impact on my life. I'm glad you had a good tour, too!
    P.S. I never seen "Star Treck" o.O or "Star Wars" or any of those movies. Just clearing that.
    No Avatar Jason
    22, May, 2012
    i was there in kettering it was amazing! thanks for signing all my books and for the poster and looking foward to the new series.
    best author ever.
    No Avatar Kathryn Winstanley
    24, May, 2012
    Hi, Darren.

    It's good to hear the tour went so well, I'm only sad I didn't get to be there. I was planning on coming to see you in York, but I got the dates wrong and missed it.

    I hope you're doing well, Darren. Looking forward to your next book. :)

    From your big fan, Kathryn Winstanley.
    No Avatar Hawksathon
    24, May, 2012
    I'll have to make it to the next tour, when your next in the south-west UK :)
    No Avatar ryan
    25, May, 2012
    when i started reading the saga i changed in a good way and since then i have told my friend all about vampires
    No Avatar Ioan
    26, May, 2012
    Hi there i love the saga of Darren Shan I'm on 4th book after only a week!The person who got me reading you books is my friend Edward he gave me the vampire blood trilogy for my birthday i love the ideas of the vampires they are so much different than i thought.

    I love your books:D

    From a big fan Ioan Richards

    ps.you say my name Ioan like this yo-an
    No Avatar Michael
    27, May, 2012
    Hey Darren,

    It is very good to read that your tour went well. You are without a doubt my favourite author. Your books are great and inspirational. I just finished Brothers to the Death and like all your previous books I loved it. Great work and I can't wait to see what comes next. :) Keep it up!
    No Avatar Rachel
    31, May, 2012
    I can honestly say you and your books changed my life. I will always be a shanster!! You NEED to come
    Tour Canada and meet all the amazing shansters across the pond!

    Forever yours
    No Avatar Paradise Walker
    02, Jun, 2012
    I think it were great! Worth the seven hours driving!!
    No Avatar Ally C
    05, Jun, 2012
    hi Darren
    just wanted you to know that you are without a doubt my all time favourite author, and have been ever since my friend showed me the cirque du freak series in the fourth grade. It is officially my life's mission to meet you someday.
    you have insipired me to read constantly, book after book, and when i'm older i want to be a great author like you.
    No Avatar reshteen
    05, Jun, 2012
    hi Darren!
    what would have i do if you weren't a writer you are the best please continue writing on vampires .
    No Avatar luke
    08, Jun, 2012
    Still reading the demonata books (best series I've ever read by the way) just wanted to say your books are the best and your Irish tour in dublin soon
    No Avatar gabriel
    09, Jun, 2012
    hi Darren

    you are the best author ever. cannot wait for the new series
    No Avatar Shaz
    09, Jun, 2012
    Hi Darren,

    Do you think that you will come to Vancouver, BC, Canada. I would love to come and meet you
    No Avatar 藤川 杏奈
    10, Jun, 2012
    I am a Japanese seventh grader.
    I wanted you to hear my wish this time and decided to make a note.

    In my school, there is the class that the first grader writes a report on one's favorite theme.
    I was attracted not to mention "デモナータ" and "a skinny executioner" by books such as "the Darren beautifulness" and became your fan.
    Therefore I intended to write it about "a novelist" by this report and decided to send a sentence in this way.

    If even you are all right, I want to have you answer some questions.
    Then you must often send it, but will be all right?

    Please answer by all means.
    No Avatar Cormac Finnegan
    14, Jun, 2012
    wow your books are so exciting!! I have finished the cirque du freak series and im on the third book of the Larten Crepsley saga. You should make a book on what happens to Annie and Darius or about Debbie, Alice and Vancha. You have inspired me to do so much I have even started a few Vampire books myself theyare about a young boy called Cormac and he was blooded by a Vampire Prince called Darius and the half Vampire has met a stunningly beautifull young half Vampiress
    named Shanon! Oh and do you know when or if you are going to come to Drogheda if you ever figure out or decide to come will you email me the date please it would mean so much to me please even if you dont tell me any way!
    No Avatar Ivan
    19, Jun, 2012
    I first found out about Darren Shan and his books from another book called Bloody Horowitz by Anthony Horowitz. Now you're probably thinking "What does that have to do with a Brothers To The Death Tour?!" But it has a lot to do with it. Anyway that book was a collection of short stories, all by Anthony Horowitz (my favorite author at the time) and one of them had Darren Shan and the book Cirque Du Freak in it. So one day at the library i was looking for a new book (I got bored with Bloody Horowitz) and found the book Cirque Du Freak! I checked out the book but I kept thinking "OH MY GOD THE SHORT STORY IS REAL!" It was a horror story by the way. But it turns out it wasn't real. But it was a key to a new way of living. I know it sounds ridiculous. But seriously, finding Bloody Horowitz led me to read Cirque Du Freak. I absolutely loved the book. After Cirque Du Freak all I've ever read is Darren Shan's books. I read all of the Cirque Du Freak Series, read the Demonata, and guess what happened when the Saga of Larten Crepsley came out. Darren Shan's books and way of writing even inspired me to write my own book! It seems ridiculous that a book can change someone's life. Bit it did. Mine.
    No Avatar Ivan
    19, Jun, 2012
    Oops almost forgot SPOILER ALERT!!! "and the last time (again, for the time being) that I would be touring with my vampire books," Hear that? The last time he will be touring with his vampire books FOR THE TIME BEING! New vampire series? HMMM..?

    Well ya know I could just be totally off but it's just a guess anyway.
    No Avatar Jen
    12, Jul, 2012
    Wanted to say thank you for being a brilliant author. I hated reading when I was younger and your vampire series have been so captivating I cant put them down. Not only have you inspired me to read more but you have also inspired my daughter. She got so tired of me talking about your books that she started to read them as well and now I have to say she is two levels of reading above her grade. Thank you. A forever fan.
    No Avatar R. P. Rani
    16, Jul, 2012
    Hi Darren Shan, I'm your new fans and I absolutely love your work.

    Actually, not like the most fans here, I found out about you from the movie that I watched at my 11th grade--so yeah, it's almost 3 years ago--and I really thought the movie was so amazing. I love Mr. Crepsley and Darren so much!!

    And then I found out that my country had one of your books series translated. I've got so excited and bought them all.. kekeke. It's Darren Shan Saga. And when I first read the prologue, I was just speechless...

    It was Real?

    Did it really happened??

    So, it's not just some fiction???

    Oh GOD!! And you won't believe me that I'm still haven't know the answer of my own question! DANG!

    Anyway, I really want to read all of your works, if my country had them, I would read, heck even buy it. Wish me luck :'D

    And uh.. after this, what, long comment, I just want you to know that I love it and uh... *speechless* well, you've got a new fans! (I know it's weird)

    And I hope I could attend your tour one day, and ask for your autograph.

    No Avatar john
    18, Jul, 2012
    hey darren i was wondering if u can do a book signing at bars and noble in foret hills
    No Avatar James
    19, Jul, 2012
    Hey Darren,

    I just wanted to thank you for becoming a writer, you have inspired me to become an avid reader, and writer!
    I am currently working on a gory werewolf book that recently got published last year in my college's magazine. It's not much, but I'm sure you of course know, you need to start somewhere. I've read the Cirque series, Demonata, the Sage of Larten Crepsely , and the Thin Executioner numerous times.
    Thank you again,
    No Avatar cortland
    20, Jul, 2012
    You are my favorite author i loved your cirque du freak books i read all of them in 4 days. I just finished brothers to the death and thought it was one of your best books yet. You should continue the story of the vampire by having different caracters but takes place after the war ends and things are set
    tling down.
    No Avatar elnaz
    21, Jul, 2012
    Im from iran i love you book Thank you
    Thank you
    i reading Birth Of A Killer
    about in dont have other
    copy this book
    i love you
    A forever fan.
    Thank you
    No Avatar Destiny & sal
    27, Jul, 2012
    My fianc and I love you!!!
    He read all your Darren Shan books and Demonata books as a kid and when we got together last year he told me how great they were so I started reading them and fell in love with these books ( I'm 20 years old and could not put these books down) it's funny cause we also watched the movie and they did not do justice to the books I would love to see a series like Harry potter for these books that would be AWESOME!! we just started the larten crepsley saga so far it's great :)) Thank you for being a great author!!
    Destiny & Sal
    No Avatar Chloe
    28, Jul, 2012
    Hi Darren,
    My name is Chloe and I am going into the 7th grade. I have read all of the Cirque du Freak books. Thank you so much for writing them. I love the books so much and I loved the movie too. It allowed me to see the characters I loved like Evra Von in real life. I hated when I finished the 12th book. I can't wait to start the next series.
    Thank You
    Until next time
    No Avatar annamarie
    03, Aug, 2012
    when will you come to iowa in the us if you do i will want you to sign all of my books i love the cirque du freak books if you could please replay
    No Avatar Ben Brown
    04, Aug, 2012
    Hello Darren,

    I love your books. I have read all of your demonata and cirque books. I was going to come and see you in Bournemouth when you where down, but was ill and couldn't make it. I hope you do some tours again soon, and I look forward to meeting you in the flesh.

    Well done on all of your inspiring books, you have truly inspired me!

    Thank you for all of the work you have put into your books, it has led to my success.
    No Avatar Aisling
    11, Aug, 2012
    hi darren

    i only heard of them last year but have most of them read and i love them !!!!!!
    im a big fan and always will be.
    just wondering when you write the books do you believe some of what you are writing or ....

    Site Member
    Bec Mellark's avatar Bec Mellark
    19, Aug, 2012

    You are my favorite author! I love all your Cirque du Freak books! I finished them within a couple of weeks. I am reading The Thin Ex. and yet again, you have amazed me with your great writing talents and nail-biting chapters! I can't wait to start reading another one of your supensful books! You are amazing I love you Darren!

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