• Farewell Old Friend

    08 November 2011

    This day last week I bid my final farewell to an old friend of mine -- a certain orange-haired vampire who went by the name of Larten Crepsley! On November 1st I did my final bit of editing on Brothers to the Death, the fourth and final book in The Saga Of Larten Crepsley. Although the book won't be released until late April 2012, because of the way publishing works, I always have to deliver my final draft several months before a book sees print. It's all done and dusted now -- I've gone through the page proofs which my British and American publishers sent me, spent a few days carefully going through them looking for any mistakes and making a few very minor final tweaks, and that's that!!


    This series took just under four years to complete, but of course I've been living with the character of Larten Crepsley a lot longer than that. In fact, by the time Brothers see print, I'll have lived with Mr C for 15 years! I wrote the first draft of Cirque Du Freak back in May 1997, which is when Mr Crepsley first entered my life. I didn't know much about him in the early days. I thought he was going to be a good guy, but that wasn't set in stone -- he was very mysterious and brooding in the early books (for reasons which the new series explain) and there was a possibility that he could have become the villain of the piece. But as I got to know him over the writing of the next couple of books, it soon became clear that he was to be the moral compass of the series. I think the books worked so well because of the relationship between Darren and Mr Crepsley. Without that, I don't think they would have had the heart and soul that they did.


    Mr Crepsley has easily been the most fascinating character I've worked with, certainly in my books for children and teenagers. I always loved writing his scenes. He was a stuffy old bat, but that was part of his appeal -- it made his rare happy and warm moments all the more affecting. I've never smiled as much writing as I did when describing humourous scene sinvolving Mr Crepsley -- and, similarly, I've never felt as moved emotionally as when I've been writing scenes in which he suffers. He was a joy to write, and has been a large part of my life for the last decade and a half. I was even thinking about him in the gap between the end of Sons of Destiny and the start of Birth of a Killer. I hadn't planned to write a prequel series, but Mr Crepsley wouldn't get out of my head. I kept thinking about his past, how he became a vampire, what had happened to him in the 200 years before he met Darren. And eventually I was drawn back into the world of vampires and started to tell his story.


    I'm sad to be leaving Mr Crepsley behind, but at the same time I'm proud to have done him as much justice as I hope that I have over the past fifteen years. And although I won't be writing any more books about him, I'm sure he'll never be that far from my thoughts. There will always be a bit of Mr Crpesley alive within me going forward, and I hope that a little bit of him will live on in you guys too. Even in death, he WAS triumphant!!!

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    No Avatar Jyoti
    08, Nov, 2011
    I am so happy that you wrote a serie about Mr Crepsley. I think he is a great character and I can't wait to read the last book!
    No Avatar Drake
    08, Nov, 2011
    I'm so excited for Brothers to the Death, because when it comes out I'll finally really get in to the series. I read Birth of a Killer in a few hours and decided to wait to read any more until all four books are out, so I'll have three books to read come April!
    No Avatar Cliona
    08, Nov, 2011
    Awww I'm gonna miss Mr C too! He is one of my all-time favourite characters, in any book! He is serious, yet funny! I'll be sad to see him go :( But, nevertheless, I can't wait for the last book in the Crepsley series!
    No Avatar Matt Day-Reyes
    08, Nov, 2011
    Indeed, Larten has a lasting effect. I am 32, and just now reading your Cirque series for the first time. I watched the movie with my kids and became so intrigued about what happened next, that I had to pick up the books. I'm almost through book 9, and am looking forward to learning more about Mr. Crepsley.You have written an amazing series. I will read all of them, and I can't wait to get to your Larten saga. Sorry for your loss, but like you said....there is a little bit of Mr. Crepsley within you moving forward. He was/is an excellent character. Maybe there should be a series of movies more true to your writings than the Cirque movie. You could bring Larten....back from the dead. ;)
    No Avatar Wesley Massey
    08, Nov, 2011
    Darren, that was beautiful! Mr Crespley was probably one of the most enjoyable charaters i have ever read about. When he died in book 9, my mom and i cried our eyes out. Because he's that special.

    I know it hurts to put him to rest, but you have done an AMAZING job with our favorite cranky old vampire.
    No Avatar Carolina
    09, Nov, 2011
    Tears escaped my eyes as I read this.

    I've followed the Cirque Du Freak series since the day that A Living Nightmare was published all the way into The Palace of the Damned. Thank you, Darren Shan. Thank you for getting me hooked on reading. Thank you for all of the laughter and tears throughout these books. I will certainly pass these books down and hope that the legacy of Darren Shan passes down from generation to generation.
    No Avatar Angela
    09, Nov, 2011
    Mr Shan,
    Thank you SO MUCH for writing the Saga of Darren Shan, and then the Saga of Larten Crepsley. I absolutely love their world and they will always have a special space in my heart.
    Forever your loyal fan,

    No Avatar Craig J
    09, Nov, 2011
    Awh man you have no idea how upset this actually made me amazing series really made a big part of my childhood thank you so much.

    ps: i really think a proper movie should be made about these movies...the last one did no justice to your books at all hopefully a real one will be made
    No Avatar Sarah
    09, Nov, 2011
    The time when Larten Crepsley died in book 9, it was probably the first time I cried really hard from reading a book! Haha! Although I haven't read The Saga of Larten Crepsley, I feel like crying knowing that it's over... All in all, you are an AWESOME writer, Darren Shan! I will forever be your fan!
    No Avatar Kerri-Ann
    09, Nov, 2011
    I know that Mr.Crepsley will never be forgotten, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep him alive. What I do with my characters is I set a separate document just for my favorite characters and I keep them alive just by writing about them. Like what you think they should do today or even what they did do today. That's how they live forever.
    No Avatar Liam
    09, Nov, 2011
    I think this saga has been great, it allowd us to get to know mr Crepsly whereas in the other, cirque saga we could only understand him at an arms length. Its sad to see him go but we all shall remember him because in a way he has moved us all, wether thats been through interests in his actions, inspiring us with his morals or by amazing us with his awesome orange hair (witch was interesting to find out how he got that in the first book) but for whatever the reason of how he effected you i just want to say cheers to Darren Shan for telling us an truly epic and moving tale of Larten Crepsly Cheers!!
    No Avatar Matt Day-Reyes
    09, Nov, 2011
    Sarah....I'm not happy with you. I was about 10 pages away from that tragic event....and you spoiled it. lol. I'm going on to book 10 today. Please....please...no spoilers.
    No Avatar Haleigh
    09, Nov, 2011
    Aww, now you've made me sad on my birthday :( but seriously, I love all your books, Darren, and Mr. Crepsley is one of my all-time favourites!!! Was so depressed when he died :'( but thank you for writing such an amazing series, it got me interested in a whole new genre and I will never forget Larten and his grumpiness :D
    No Avatar Jess Saldierna
    10, Nov, 2011
    First of all I need to say that I'm still learning english so… sorry if I can't explain myself so well.

    For some strange days I watched The Vampire's Assistant movie, then I read the books from Darren Shan saga. They totally change my life for ever, I never met an author like Mr. Shan, he writes in a way that you can really imagine what's going on. The twelve books are just my favorite books ever. I didn't change anything about it, even the characters who dies on it.

    I just read the first book from Larten Crepsley saga, and I want to continue with the books, (but they aren't in spanish, so everyday do my best to learn enough english to could read The Demonata and Larten's saga) 'cuz Larten is… just… incredible. I can't even explain how I fell about him, he's one inspiration of life. Changes. And love. Darren, thank you for write why you love to write. And keep showing your crazy minds to all your Shansters. Crepsley is alive with all of us (:
    No Avatar Savana
    10, Nov, 2011
    I can't wait! I grew to love Mr. Crepsley's character, and cried my eyes out when he died! Keep in mind, I also cried my eyes out at the end of the book. The ending was so magnificent, every little bit that didn't make sense in the last books fell into place. I was depressed for weeks! But in a good way.
    No Avatar mrs.crepsley
    10, Nov, 2011
    aww! is it wrong for me to feel emotinal reading this! i love mr.crepsley soo much and i love darren shan (author) for making him come alive for my imagination and my life! he will still and forever be a part of my life!!
    No Avatar Rana
    10, Nov, 2011
    This was the best thing ive ever read! it's so emotional. I think that Mr Crepsley is an amazing character, and i loved the series about him! CAN'T WAIT for the last one.
    No Avatar Katie Egerton
    12, Nov, 2011
    I loved reading All about Mr Crepsley he was such a mysterious character and i always wondered what his life was life before meeting darren and now you have answered it. Thank You for writing the saga of larten crepsley, i will MISS HIM LOADS xx
    No Avatar sydney
    14, Nov, 2011
    yeah Mr.Crepsley was my favorite charitor, it will be sad to see him go, even in death may he be triumphant :.(
    No Avatar sydney
    14, Nov, 2011
    I also wanted to say thank you Darren Shan, for bringing Mr.Crepsley into our lives, I cried when he died, and I will miss that stuffy ornge haired mentor (sniff)
    No Avatar Paris
    14, Nov, 2011
    I first read the Darren Shan series when I was a teenager...I decided a couple of weeks ago to re-read the whole lot, I'd forgotten how much I loved them it was great to go back. I was so happy to read the three books about Mr Crepsley, I love this world you've created where everything has such a deep back story which flows brilliantly. I really hope you aren't finished with vampires. I'll be waiting impatiently for the last book. Thank you so much. :)
    No Avatar Casey
    15, Nov, 2011
    Auuugh, only four books? T__T I so wanted it to be more... but you can't drag a series on too long or it'll go sour. Short and sweet, I guess... I'm both apprehensive and excited about the last book! Why does April 2012 have to be so far away? :C
    Site Member
    VampiressDanielleCarnell's avatar VampiressDanielleCarnell
    19, Nov, 2011
    Can we please Not Get ride of Mr.Stone-face Crepsley?

    I think im going to die if he leaves. We need to call Takahiro Arai again. This time he needs a whole GANG to make an Anime Series of CDF. Because, honestly, Im gonna miss Rick Astley reincarnated -Mr.Crepsley-
    No Avatar Julia
    20, Nov, 2011
    That Sounds too sad. But ti you ist is farewell to me ist is the Opposit. Just started a Comic Thats Based in your crepsley Saga, Hope you dont mind^^ whem i got the First Pages i World like ti send them to you ti See what you think about ist.
    Greetings from Germany,
    No Avatar Georgina
    21, Nov, 2011
    Yay! I love Mr. Crepsley he is awesome. I'm just after finishing Vampire Mountain and I'm going on to Trails of Death!It's brilliant! ♥
    No Avatar robert
    23, Nov, 2011
    i love reading about MR. Crepsley im sad that ur finishing the series but i cant wait to read the final book. i have spent the past three years hunting down every cirque due freak and mr crepsley series. i love the books and ill keep reading them well into my life
    No Avatar Gemma
    24, Nov, 2011
    I love Mr Crepsley! He is favourite character in Cirque Du Freak ♥♥
    No Avatar Zac clarke
    24, Nov, 2011
    Im 16 and have read all your books i got my friend connor into them aswell and he cant get enough of the books i was quite sad when larten died in the ninth book and when darren chose to sacrifice himself to keep the world at peace but now i have read the larten crepsley books i cant wait for the 4th and final book its hard to belive thats the end but everything has a beginning and an end so thank you for all the great times ive had reading the books i will never forget them and ive always wanted to go to vampire mountain to see what its like
    No Avatar ethan
    25, Nov, 2011
    Master Shan
    I love reading vampire books i've read all of the darren shan saga and i cant wait to read brothers to the death!!!
    Even in death may he be triumphant
    No Avatar jack
    27, Nov, 2011
    i was wondering know that you have finished the larten crepsley series could you do something for vancha march because i thought that he was a brilliant and funny character ??
    No Avatar Alex
    09, Dec, 2011
    I wonder if he meets Darren in this book.
    No Avatar Chloe
    07, Jan, 2012
    I wasn't able to hold in my tears, my favorite character of all time, and he is always the character i think bout when anyone even talks about another series you've written. I'll jump in and start ranting about Larten Crepsley, and if they've read about him.
    I wish he didn't die, because it sounded painful to, and it's hard when you love a character. Since i'm the type to have a complete attachment to one character in a series of books . . . i found myself having one huge love for this Orange haired vampire. Thank you so much for being an author!!!
    X3 ~ nya !! xx
    No Avatar zac
    31, Jan, 2012
    i have enjoyed reading all your books and ive just finished reading the demonata but to be fair i really am gonna miss no more books on larten crepsley its a shame he had to die in the saga of darren shan. he will always live on inside me and all the other charactors and ill always keep reading the books thank you darren shan for such good books
    No Avatar MEE
    12, Feb, 2012
    RIP Larten Crepsley, the greatest man I've (n)ever known, you were one hell of a mentor and though your series is over, your spirit will live on forever!!

    NEVER stop writing Darren Shan! I think i might just die if you do!!!
    No Avatar Kerri-Ann
    17, Feb, 2012
    Even in death shall he be triumphant
    No Avatar AnnaBanana
    11, Mar, 2012
    RIP Larten Creapsley.
    You were one Hell of a Vampire.
    Even in Death, you were Triumpht.

    Master Shan, You've taught me so much through him. Thank you.

    PS congrats on your engagement!! Even in Marriage may you be Triumpht! =P
    No Avatar Baily
    15, Mar, 2012
    i still feel a tang of grief when i remember mr crepsleys death i believe i is the most moving death scene i have ever read and part of the most superbly written series ever so thank you darren shan for giving the world the saga of larten crepsley cirque du freak and their characters
    No Avatar Tracy
    16, Mar, 2012
    Hi! I LOVE you books!You're my favorite author! I made a website on books and I would like you to check it out and tell me if you like it. It's www.tracysblogsite.weebly.com. Keep writing awesome books!

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