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you and most probably the moderators online are thinking why has she made a topic called art in the story section well its because of my art home work we had a task to write a short (by short she meant very short) story using a surrealist painting and it had these creatures on it with like bits of draws on there limbs and after my last story got such a positive feedback I thought id post it for you

I opened my eyes and stared out of the thin wiry crack of light, the red sky mixing with the black of the world and the stench of corpses as it rose up to the heavens for a pitiful god to weep at. So this is what it was like on the other side. I grabbed my pack and left the note, it was time to go. I ran across the wooden floor and climbed out just hanging on. You could see the other sets of draws and the other things. They had come to earth about three years ago, rose up from the ground beneath us, we never knew they were coming.They began to kill,I don’t think they have feelings or mercy but some of us were spared plucked up from the ground and put us in their set of draws, these things have draws built into the side of them surrounded by there green vile skin the repulsive destroys kept us and here we have been since I’m the only one left now with the high suicide rate every one either killed them selves or died in the pitch black.
  I looked around and then I jumped onto the next draw and so on till I got to the last one and landed on the ground with a thud but with no one to hear the bone braking fall. I got to my feet and began to drag my dead weight of a left foot to the ruins of the majestic city of London.


I AM SPARTICUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!