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The Only Limit Is Your Own Imagination


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The dragon’s attack had caught Rei by surprise, he wasn’t expecting such a blast after his own. Dragons were truly resilient and powerful creatures.
There was only one thing that he could do and that was to muster all his strength to form an energy barrier. As he extended his arms, he concentrated all of his energy into his fingertips and created an transparent dome of energy all around his body which was put tp the test as soon as the flames reached him. Rei had to fight with of all of his might to keep the barrier up. He then had an idea albeit an extremely risky one.
Within a moment, the energy protecting his left vanished and an orb of golden energy flew through the flames and into the dragon’s mouth exploding inside the creature.
As the column of smoke cleared, Rei’s left arm was limp, burned and charred by the firey inferno of the monster.


‘‘We stop looking for monsters
Under the bed when we realize
They’re inside of us’‘

‘‘I’m the best there is at what I do’‘

‘‘Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself.’‘
- Vergil Sparda

‘‘Check it out! It’s got wings!’‘
- Me

‘‘The design shows terrible taste’‘
-Trish agreeing with me.

“To forgive is divine
Not as rewarding I find
Because vengeance is mine’‘
- Alice Cooper


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The shimmering corpse of the dragon was marred only by its rather absent head. Bits of bone had flown here and there, scales mottling the surrounding trees - the ones left standing, anyway. There was no question that the battle had come to a sudden close.
With the corpse of the beast now harmless, it was easy - despite the lack of a head - to admire its form.

Valence appeared a couple steps away from the corpse and immediately began searching the ground foilage, rustling around and occasionally picking up bloody bits of bone for examination before finally finding what she had been looking for. She lifted a gleaming, curved shard from the grass and held it up to the light for examination. Seemingly satisfied, Valence polished it off on her shirt and smiled with satisfaction.

As long and wide as her own forearm, and sharper than any knife, the dragon’s canine would make a lovely dagger.


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