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The Only Limit Is Your Own Imagination


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Valence’s eyes flickered down to Rei’s position as the wind shifted and the smoke violently buffeted away from them. Hopefully it would cover their scent, because if that thing smelled them now, Rei wouldn’t make it.
There was a sudden silence that Valence didn’t realise was lacking. It was the falling quiet of birds and life as it hid away. It rippled over the jungle, each tree seeming to fight to remain still even as the wind buffeted their boughs.
Rei was a fast climber, but not fast enough.

Trees shifted as two mountainous membranes, a deep red-pink against the sun (for the sake of description, think of seeing the torchlight through your hand). Mottled white leather rose, and it seemed the wings held position for an eternity before sweeping down in a broad arc. Valence’s hair was whipped back as the dragon was lifted above the treeline. Its mouth split open to reveal rows upon rows of jagged teeth and Valence’s ears burned as the familiar sonar was emitted from that flying devil’s throat. It was then that it tucked in its spindly legs, angled its wings and, on a convenient gust of hot wind, rose up to drop its vast shadow upon the two dwarfed people.

Valence was frozen with terror. She had to act now, get down to Rei and teleport them to the safety of her temple before the dragon attacked.
Wasn’t it beautiful? Pearly white leather was its underside, and each wing was at least as long as the dragon’s body itself. Rows of teeth curved inward toward its throat - it was obvious that if it snapped them up, even if they somehow avoided getting town to pieces immediately, they would not be escaping through the mouth. With its legs curled in toward the body, fitting neatly in light indents in the dragon’s belly for extra speed, it was nearly impossible to see the three toes on each foot, each one lined with rough sand-paper like skin which Valence knew from experience could strip skin from bone with a whisper. What was more, it was about the length of a school bus, yet light as a feather - if Valence had been even a little stronger, she could have lifted this huge mammal all on her own. This, what hovered above them for that brief second, poised for attack, was the peak of evolution, and there had never been - and never will be - another predator like it. Its long neck snaked down to bring its arrow-shaped head closer - though still way too far to see its tiny eyes - it opened its mouth again and the force of its sonar made Valence’s eyes blur. She had to get to Rei.

In a moment she was hanging beside him on the cliff face, and far above them the dragon screamed in frustration. Obviously, it remembered Valence from last time it killed her.
“We have to go,” she shouted with a trembling voice. “Hold onto me, I’m going to get us out of here.”

That was when the dragon angled itself at them, tucked in its wings and began its striking plummet down.


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