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YARA - reviewed by Trent

this is a review of the audio CD of "Demon Thief"


Following on from Lord Loss, Demon Thief is another scary and immensely gripping (on-the-edge-of-your-seat type) tale of terror. This time the story features Kernel Fleck whose world is shattered when demons enter his world and steal his brother, Art. During the theft and associated slaughter, Kernel meets Sharmila, Nadia, Raz and their leader Beranabus. He soon joins them in a quest to find his brother and the demon, Cadavar who stole him. Soon Kernel finds himself into the realm of the demonata.

Kernel discovers he has a strange gift - that he can build windows into other worlds by arranging the pulsing lights he (and only he) can see. This gift, along with the skills of Beranabus soon lead them to, guess who, Lord Loss. Along the way some companions are ‘lost’ while others join, including a younger Dervish. All in all a most exciting or should I say terrifying adventure awaits them as well as some surprising discoveries.

This book is absolutely excellent and had me listening intently. Rupert Degas gives a unique voice to each of the characters and makes the story so easy to listen to and follow. The additional scary sound effects are great too and add to the eerie atmosphere. I can't wait for the next two in the series: Slawter and Bec. A five star audio book!







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